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As the year comes to an end, we’re rewinding and recapping some of the wild and wonderful accommodations Booking.com has created throughout the world in 2019 (but don’t worry if you missed out on the chance to experience any of the following accommodations because there are plenty more unique stays to come in 2020).

The Unicorn House, Milan, Italy

The best place to celebrate Unicorn Day

The best place to celebrate Unicorn Day

For Unicorn Day on 9th April (yes, it’s a thing), we created a fantasy-inspired Unicorn House. Everything from the ceiling to the floor was adorned with enchanting decorations including magic horns, glittery stars, fluffy clouds, neon rainbows and a hamper full to the brim with unicorn goods. The bedroom was also complete with unicorn-themed bedding, bathrobes, pyjamas, slippers and unicorn onesies. Once guests settled in, they got a three-tiered unicorn cake-decorating masterclass taught by famous cake designer, Eleonora di Simine (from Nana & Nana Cakes).

Avo-Condo, Sydney, Australia

The Avo-Condo was a world-first kind of accommodation

The Avo-Condo was a world-first kind of accommodation

In Australia, avocados – or as they’re also fondly referred to, ‘avos’ – have captured the hearts of many. So, to celebrate National Avocado Day on 31st July, we created a world-first kind of accommodation called the Avo-Condo. It was a custom-built, self-contained caravan resembling a perfectly ripe avocado half. And to top it off, the avocado-themed interior featured avocado-shaped pillows and alarm clocks, plus a hamper with avocado oil face masks and nourishing night creams. We parked our quirky Avo-Condo at Campbell’s Cove Lookout in Sydney’s Circular Quay, which is right on the doorstep of two of Australia's most iconic monuments – Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. In the morning, our guests woke up to amazing views and an avocado-filled breakfast.

Sand-sion, Coney Island, USA

Our Sand-sion was awarded as the largest sand sculpture ever constructed in New York City

Our Sand-sion was awarded as the largest sand sculpture ever constructed in New York City

For National Sandcastle Day on 19th August, we turned a humble visit to Manhattan’s Coney Island into an unforgettable overnight experience with one of our most ambitious accommodations yet, the Sand-sion. This 2.4-metre-tall, 7-metre-long-and-wide engineering feat was constructed by master sand sculpturist, Matt Long, using nearly 100 tons of sand and broke a record as the largest sand sculpture ever constructed in New York City. And as if that wasn’t enough, we took it up a notch by designing a modern interior with high-end amenities. Guests were able to spend their evenings strolling along Coney Island Boardwalk, followed by a beach-front dining experience and waking up to sunrise beach yoga and VIP passes to Luna Park.

Addams Family Mansion, Brooklyn, USA

A real-life replica of the family’s eerie mansion

A real-life replica of the family’s eerie mansion

For the release of the animated Addams Family feature film, we created an immersive experience that made guests feel like honorary members of the world’s most macabre household. To do this, we invited people to stay at a 19th-century era townhouse in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, that was a real-life replica of the family’s eerie mansion. Upon arrival, guests could ring Lurch’s ‘You Rang?’ bell, tinker with the contraptions in Pugsley’s Room, high-five Thing as it scuttled through the house, play with Wednesday’s beheaded doll and even feed Morticia’s carnivorous plants. Our Addams Family replica was one of our creepiest, kookiest and downright spookiest experiences yet.

Candy Cane House, London, UK

Our sweetest (and semi-edible) accommodation yet

Our sweetest (and semi-edible) accommodation yet

London doesn’t hold back when it comes to celebrating the Christmas season. To join in on the festivities, we created a Candy Cane House in the heart of Soho, for lucky guests to enjoy. This accommodation looked like a sweet treat, detailed with candy cane-inspired windows and a glistening, snowy facade (throughout the house, we opted for sustainable options such as biodegradable snow and eco-friendly, glitter products). But it wasn’t just a feast for the eyes, since some sections of the home were edible too. On arrival, guests were able to nibble on the Christmas wreaths and on the candy canes and edible baubles hanging on the candy-floss coloured Christmas tree.

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